Epic Tangents

We are all incredibly diverse here at PVIT (no, really!). In Robomagellan alone we have students in seemingly all of the activities PVHS has to offer. We have percussionists, saxophonists, varsity lacrosse players, runners, editors from Live from 205 (our school news program), tennis players, laser enthusiasts (with two functional eyes!), and a healthy male:female ratio (Girls outnumber guys in the programming team, scary!). What unites us all (besides a penchant for obsessively debating the finer points of Dr. Who canon) is an incredible love for learning just about anything. At a recent Robomagellan meeting we started off on the topic of sensors but ended up on an incredibly long and definitely epic tangent that took us  from the higgs boson to the different entropic forces to the theory of relativity and (eventually) back to Robomagellan.

With all the science to explore and learn its a wonder that we ever get any robotics done!

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