Solar Canoe: Continuum

As May gets closer, the Team works harder to make the empty hull into a solar-infused masterpiece. The Public Service Announcement (PSA) script, which has been submitted, went for evaluation came back with some critical feedback by the water district. Due April 10th, only a few more weeks away, the PSA still needs to undergo filming and production, which can be accomplished by using Live From 205’s equipment. Current PSA leader, Patrick Glenwright wrote the script and is preparing to start filming. The PSA represents a large portion of our grade of the overall project. Also, about 2800 dollars was spent in buying the different components necessary for the boat. This leaves the Team 1200 dollars that can be used universally such as for this or next year’s Solar Cup competition. The left over of the cash can be beneficial in both situations. There is much work to be done, but the Sea King painted on the side of the boat guarantees success.

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