It Doesn’t Work!

After many successful runs back at base, we’re here in San Mateo at Robogames. So of course Monty isn’t working. Well he is: on tarmac. The course however seems to be on grass that hasn’t seen a mower in weeks. The motors stall trying to push through the grass and the motor controllers are shutting off to avoid burning out.

Basically we can’t move at all. In engineering circles this is called a problem. We can’t start on grass. We can’t start on tarmac and drive onto the grass. Both approaches just stop the motors dead.

So, while we expected to spend a Saturday night sampling the delights of downtown San Mateo, we’re holed up in a motel room, replacing the motors, drive gearing, and motor controller software. Only tomorrow will tell how well this will work, but we’re not done yet.

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