PVIT highlights for 2015

Palos Verdes Institute of Technology PVIT 2015Cyberpatriot – New computers, a new work area in the PVIT room, and competing strong

Electric Car – A complete overhaul of the car to be more efficient and reliable. Close to ready for its first test drive with this new work.

First Robotics – Has a GREAT group of mentors, a dedicated teacher mentor (Thank you, Mr. Brown) and a strong start toward this season which starts on Jan 9!

PVIT 101 – Highly successful workshops and training for first year students – lots of Sumobots running around!

Robomagellan – April 2015, placed 2nd in Robogames (for the second or third time). Working on lots of programming for this year’s competition.

Rocketry – new team formed with a great start on launches


May 2015 -Placed 1st in Regionals
June 2015 – Placed 1st in Internationals for Mission Scores, 3rd in Internationals Overall
2016 competition specs were just released. Building a robot to explore Jupiter’s moon Europa!

Solar Cup – Secured a sponsorship for the 2016 competition. Great teamwork to build the boat and ready to wire it up.

UAV – Two strong teams with 3-4 aerial vehicles running or in the works. Will have an internal competition in the Spring that may expand to a South Bay competition!

Space Team – Successfully launched AND RECOVERED a second high altitude balloon! Has lots of great data to analyze.

VEX – New ALL-GIRLS VEX team! Went to semi-finals in first competition.

Video Game Group – Have game designs and will compete in a programming competition in the Spring.

BattleBots – New group formed by experienced Seniors. Won’t get on TV this year, but maybe paving the way for a TV appearance in the future.

RC Cars – New group just forming (when their Electric Trike competition was cancelled Emoji ) Lots of fun racing expected.

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