Get Involved

The PVIT club is always looking for new members, mentors, and parent involvement. From business minded students who excel at organization to tech oriented students who relish the hands-on, there’s a place for everyone. Getting involved is easy – all you have to do is show up.

Interested students, no matter when you discover you want to be in PVIT, just come down on a Sunday afternoon. We’ll show you around, explain some of the projects, and get you into a project.

A big question we get is always along the lines of “I don’t have any engineering experience, can I still join?”.
Short answer: YES.
Long answer: Yes, because you will learn the skills you need to contribute. Last year in the Robomagellan project, every one of the students (even those without programming experience) took an online Python computer science course so the entire team could understand and improve upon the Robot we were building. In the Underwater ROV team part of their score at competition is a written report on the ROV – students without a huge technical background were able to contribute to and learn about the project while helping write the report.

So if your thinking about joining the PVIT club, stop thinking about it and come down on a Sunday! We’re engineers, we don’t bite (much).

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