Video Game Programming

The PVIT Video Game team, aptly named PVIT Games, programs video games without the use of creation softwares or engines like Scratch, Unity, Frostbite, etc. We use Python v3.2 to create every aspect of our games. All art assets, sound effects, mechanics, and story are created in house by our members. This means that everything we make is our own, with all credits going straight back to students. This also opens up opportunities for students with varied skills. Musically inclined members can help compose music for the game, while those with art experience can create sprites and effects. No matter where your skills lie, even if they aren’t STEM related, can be put to good use in our team.

PVIT Games doesn’t do as many competitions as other teams. While we do enter in some events, PVIT Games is centered around a 3-Year long project that will be published some time in May of 2018. You don’t have to commit with the team for 3 years, but going through the full development process of a project of this size is good
experience. Our current project, currently titled Bullion!, is a sci-fi-western-fantasy trading, exploration, and mining simulator where the player must pay back a large debt to a futuristic mining company by going to a primitive world that is about halfway through the medieval era and digging up valuable minerals using very limited supplies. This game will have a very simple art style and music, but is heavy on random terrain generators, NPC A.I., and factions & towns that can
interact with both the player and themselves. It will be a challenge to create, but will be an invaluable learning experience to those who want to break into the world of programming and video game creation.

PVIT Games is mentored by William Robert and James Miyoshi. The team is led by Thomas Applewhite with the assistance of Alex Robert and Ryan Bloodgood.

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